Tuesday, 16 October 2007

World Military Games - 2007

One of the fastest swim meets on Indian soil began yesterday as part of the 2007 Military World Games at Hyderabad. Ironically, due to the high level of security needed to protect the participants not many civilians will get to witness the world class swimming on display.

Click here to get the results.

Note: The Indian Military team does not consist of any women.

Point to ponder:
On the one hand the Indian Military has the best sporting infrastructure at its disposal, great reach at the grass-root level and no dearth of money, above all it has no interference from the Federations or the Government, and on the other hand India has no dearth of talent; the obvious question that follows is: Why is the Indian Military failing to churn out World class athletes?

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Siri said...

very valid point. Indifference on talent scouting front? spoken to anyone at these levels?