Sunday, 23 March 2008

Indians @ 2008 Telstra Australian Swimming Championships – Day 1

The results of the Indian swimmers on Day 1:

400m IM Prelims: Rehan Poncha clocked 4:34.29 to finish 10th. Rehan’s best time is 4:33.59 (National Record).
The Olympic qualifying time is 4:27.44.

400m Freestyle Prelims: Rohit Havaldar clocked 4:12.52 to finish 31st. His best time is 4:05.98.
Mandar Divase clocked 4:14.21 to finish 32nd.
The National Record is in the name of Rehan Poncha with a time of 4:04.49.
The Olympic qualifying time is 3:58.10.

100m Breaststroke Prelims: Sandeep Sejwal clocked 1:05.49 to finish 11th. Sandeep’s best time is 1:04.36 (National Record).
The Olympic qualifying is time is 1:03.72.

As per the rules, only swimmers eligible to represent Australia will compete in the semi-final or final of an Australian championship event which is a selection trials for the Olympic Games, World Championships, Commonwealth Games or Pan Pacific Championships. Hence the Indian swimmers are allowed to swim only in the morning prelims.

Women's 400m IM finals (Stephanie Rice breaks the World Record):

Women's 50m Backstroke semi-finals (Emily Seebohm breaks the World Record):

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